Alexa Chung, pictured here from a recent Vogue UK photo spread, has launched her own clothing line. (Photo: Mario Testino for Vogue UK)

Alexa Chung , the UK television personality, model and Vogue UK contributing editor, has finally launched her long talked about clothing line amid a scandalous new topless photo spread in her own British Vogue.

Chung, 33, is calling her new label (not surprisingly) Alexa Chung by Alexa Chung.

It’s her first solo launch. She’s done other fashion collaborations with brands like Marks and Spencer.

Chung has been working as a model and living in New York City. But she decided to launch her new collection when she returned to Great Britain.

She says the clothes are “100 percent” her inspirations, even though she’s never studied fashion design.

But that hasn’t stopped other celebrity designers like Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson and Rihanna.

“If you’re asking whether I’m really involved … yes, I am 100 per cent involved,” she told London’s Daily Telegraph. “I mean, I didn’t study fashion, but I am quite good at looking at something and knowing how to make it better.”

She revealed that quality material is the key to her clothes. “It’s really hard to get the right quality if you’re cheap and small scale,” she explained.

“I don’t think you’d turn to me for the future of fashion or a new shape, but if you want nice clothes, I think I’ve got them,” she added.

Designing her own clothes has been a dream since she was a teen. “Funnily enough, at 16 I wanted to be a designer,” she said.

In her British Vogue photo spread, Alexa models some of her own clothes and sizzles in some topless shots.

Check out her photos and video below.

Alexa Chung Sexy, Sophisticated in Vogue UK (Click Photos to Enlarge!)