Miley Cyrus Dolce and Gabbana

Miley Cyrus took a dig at fashion label Dolce & Gabbana over its anti-gay sentiments, even though the brand employs her brother Braison. (Photo: BangShowbiz)

Miley Cyrus isn’t letting fashion house Dolce and Gabbana off the hook for its anti-gay sentiments. She slams the brand even though her brother Braison made his catwalk debut for the designer in Milan over the weekend.

Sibling loyalties aside, Miley is peeved because Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been outspoken against gay parenting and the use of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

“PS D&G, I STRONGLY disagree with your politics…” Miley wrote on a social media post praising her brother’s first modeling gig at the brand’s Menswear Spring/Summer 2018 showcase in Milan over the weekend.

That was enough to rile Stefano, who let is hot-blooded Italian temper get the best of him.

“Ignorant!!!” he wrote on her post.

“We are Italian and we don’t care about politics and mostly neither about the American one! We make dresses and if you think about doing politics with a post it’s simply ignorant,” he replied to her post.

Then, he offered this telling advice: “We don’t need your posts or comments so next time please ignore us!! #boycottdolcegabbana.”

Better be careful what you wish for, Stefano.

Miley has 67 million Instagram followers where the tete-a-tete took place. One word from her and she really could spark a boycott.

On the bright side, she heaped praise on Braison, sharing a photo of him on the runway.

“Congrats @braisonccyrus on walking in your 1st runway show….,” she wrote.

And, she wasn’t totally down on the fashion brand.

“I do support your company’s effort to celebrate young artists & give them the platform to shine their light for all to see!,” she wrote.