Miley Cyrus Converse

Miley Cyrus is bringing some glitz and glitter to Converse shoes. (Photo by Elllen Von Unwerth for Converse)

Miley Cyrus established a new beachhead in fashion with her first collaboration with Converse shows, injecting the stodgy brand with some glitz and glitter that has already led to sell outs of many of her signature pieces.

Miley, 25, kicked off the campaign on social media, although oddly she’s toned down her act considerably form the days when she was associated with the same glittery image of her Bangerz Tour.

Miley Cyrus is breathing new life into the stodgy brand. (Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth)

The line of athletic leisurewear, known as “athleisure,” features sneakers (of course!) along with activewear and a line of accessories. the line features losts of bndana-prints, happy faces and a whole lot of glitter.

Converse went all out to create the look. It hired well-known fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth to photograph Miley’s campaign.

Miley and her crew show off some of her ‘athleisure’ line of clothing. (Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth for Converse)

Miley is featured kicking around in piles of glitter.

“I definitely had my fans in mind and in my heart when I was creating,” Miley said in a statement. “I put what they love about me and what I love about them into the design… No age, no gender, no sex — I wanted everyone to feel included.”

Converse is best known for its “Chucks,” hightop sneakers named after former NBA star Chuck Taylor. The shoes never seem to go out of fashion, but Miley gives them a new more feminine twist.

Miley Cyrus is lending her glittering image to Converse in her first campaign for the brand. (Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth for Converse)