Troubled supermodel Naomi Campbell is heading back to court in New York City to answer allegations that she lied under oath in a law suit over a cosmetics deal gone bad that includes former agent Carole White.

White, and executives at cosmetics marketing company Moodform Mission are suing Campbell for allegedly backing out of a fragrance deal with the firm.

Apparently the dispute is nasty.

Lawyers for the cosmetics company went so far last year as to urge the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to charge Campbell with perjury for allegedly lying under oath in an affidavit.

White reportedly also has evidence, a recording of a 2006 meeting about the deal, which purportedly documents Campbell’s falsehood.

White, however, is alleged in a countersuit by Campbell to have had a conflict of interest in the matter.

She allegedly acted as the model’s agent in the deal while also serving as a co-director at Moodform, and allegedly failed to disclose the relationship, or full details of the agreement.

In the latest development, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Judith Gische said during a court hearing last week (Jan. 27) that the accusations are “serious,” The New York Post reported.

Campbell denies the charges, and the judge is awaiting a formal response from her lawyers before deciding whether to send the case to the prosecutor for additional investigation, The Post reported.

The chances of criminal charges, however, are remote, especially in a civil contract dispute, where memories are often fuzzy, unless the lying is flagrant and material to the outcome of the case.

Campbell has had a history of run-ins for her behavior and in a dramatic case, she was a key witness in the war crime trial of African warlord Charles Taylor.

Taylor was alleged to have given Campbell “blood diamonds” he used to finance his civil war. She denied receiving them, even though other testified that she had.