Supermodels don’t fade away when they turn 50, they just do pilates and bikram yoga, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and manage to continue looking fabulous. Just check out Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, Stephanie Seymour and Christie Brinkley.

The ’70s- and ’80s-era supermodels held the “Ultimate Supermodel Reunion” on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Let it be known that, hey, they are just like “regular” people, except they never lose their figures.

“I think every woman, maybe every man, looks in the mirror and says, ‘Oh my God, there’s a wrinkle,'” Cheryl said. “So we’re all in the same boat.”

Brinkley, who went through a wrenching, public divorce from philandering husband Peter Cook in 2009, attributed her healthy good looks to a vegetarian diet, a regular workout regimen… plus “great genes.”

“My mom, at 80, is gorgeous,” she said.

And, oh, don’t forget to have a personal dermatologist.


Seymour, has also managed to prevent rocky relationships and the passing years from taking a major toll on her looks.

She was embroiled in a “War of the Roses” style divorce with billionaire husband Peter Brant, who was married and the father of five children when he met her. But the two reconciled and declared a truce.

Still, Stephanie recently raised eyebrows when she seemed to get a little too friendly with her teen-aged son while wearing a skimpy bikini on a Caribbean beach.

Oprah gave her a chance to explain. “I’ve gone through a lot in the past two years, and I gained a lot of weight, and it really upset me. So I spent two days indoors, and when I came out and finally decided to just go outside, my son was so happy to see me,” she said.

“He was wooing me and gave me a big hug and a kiss, and we had no idea that that one second would be turned into something that could ever be thought of as inappropriate,” she added.

Indeed, supermodels may actually grow old but their vanity never fades.