tight_black_dressExcuse me, ma’am, but it doesn’t fit. Even without seeing you, I feel comfortable saying it, because it probably doesn’t. But better too big than too small.

Most women wear clothes that don’t fit. Usually they’re too small, but sometimes too big. I, myself, sometimes wear things too big.

If you happen to be built like me, very petite, you know it’s hard finding clothes that fit.

So many women wear clothes a couple of sizes too small so it bunches up at the waist because it can’t go over the hips.

This is not attractive and it doesn’t make you look thinner. In fact, it makes you look heavier.

If you have a big butt, your pants should not look as if they’re painted on you. You should be able to breathe.

I know it’s expensive, but you may have to buy pants to fit the hips and then bring them to the tailor to take in the waist.

You should not wear pants so tight that you can see the entire outline of your panties. Everyone knows you wear panties; you
don’t have to prove it.

Unfortunately, having things altered can be very expensive. No one knows that better than I. There are many things that no
matter how beautiful and how much I love them, I just leave them on the hanger.
I won’t buy them.

A dress or skirt with a beautiful hemline can only be shortened by taking off the waist, shortening it and then putting the waist back on. This is a very big job and you’ll pay a lot to have it done. You’ll have to decide whether it’s worth it.

A jacket so tight it bunches at the waist is ugly. It will have to be let out so it fits over the hips.

I remember buying an expensive suit that was too big. I had it taken in. The tailor took it in too much. The skirt was too tight
across the hips, so I took it to someone else to be let out.

You guessed it: the second tailor let it out too much.

Finally, I gave it to charity and vowed I’d be more careful in the future.

If something has to be shortened, make up your mind to have it shortened or do it yourself immediately. Otherwise, you’ll wear
it and never really be happy.

Miriam Silverberg is a freelance journalist and owner of a boutique publicity agency in Manhattan, Miriam Silverberg Associates
She can be reached at