Genevieve Morton‘s modeling career is rising with her second appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and no wonder. With her toned, athletic shape, the South African is a natural in a bikini, lingerie, or nothing at all.

Morton, 24, graces Esquire magazine’s “Me in My Place,” feature, and the globetrotter says she’s learned how to make any place feel like home.

Morton is undoubtedly a good roommate. Her friends call the blonde beauty “Little Miss Sunshine” and she lights up her photo spread with some sultry poses.

While Morton is yet to reach supermodel status, she’s worked for such brands as Guess watches, and has appeared in the Greek edition of Vogue magazine.

Check out Genevieve’s photos; click to enlarge.

Her Sports Illustrated shoot caused some controversy when she posed perched on a World War II-era fighter plane adorned with Nazi swastikas.

Morton gazes down at the swastikas, which some misinterpreted. They represent kills by the pilot of the historic plane, not the Nazi regime, the magazine noted.

Morton also appeared in the March issue of the South African edition of the lad magazine FHM.

Morton is so popular in her home country, viewers crashed the FHM Web site.

“I’m from just outside of Johannesburg. Small town. Same town that Charlize Theron comes from, actually,” she tells Esquire.

“But we moved east and I grew up in a really small town with only 7,000 people. Only one traffic light. And the police station is legendary — it’s pink. So, just throwing that out there.”

In her bedroom, she shuns sheets; “On top of me, I prefer to have something quite heavy. Like a big, thick duvet.

“I don’t like those flat sheets that people put in their bed — they get in the way.”

Genevieve rolls around for the camera, so you can see what she means. Check out her photos; click to enlarge.