Supermodel Miranda Kerr’s life is all about a nipple, in this case, hers. She posted a photo today (Apr. 28) on her Twitter page breastfeeding her new baby boy Flynn during a photo shoot.

“Another day in the office xxx” Miranda Tweeted along with the photo.

This is the second time, the Australian model has posted photos of her breastfeeding.

The last time she posted photos in January, she touched off a heated debate about women who breastfeed in public

The ravishingly beautiful model, 28, is back in spectacular shape only weeks after having her baby.

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In recent photos, however, her breasts are fuller, rounder and larger. And now we can see why.

She is pictured wearing a white satin bathrobe with the top parted just enough to give little Flynn access.

But Miranda! That’s no way to hold a nursing baby! Little Flynn looks like he’s stretching to reach the object of his desire — lunch.

Nonetheless, Kerr makes one sexy momma with her Jessica Rabbit hair and sexy red high heels. She was working on a lingerie shoot.

Kerr returned to work just two months after giving birth, and shot her first campaign last week for Have Faith Swimwear in Malibu.

Miranda has become enthralled with breastfeeding.

The first photo of the baby posted on her Web site, shot by husband Orlando Bloom, showed her nursing him.

“The photo was one of the first photos Orlando took,” Miranda later said.

“We both loved it and we wanted to share it.

“The pleasant surprise was that it also had the added benefit of promoting breastfeeding which to me is the most natural thing in the world and I love it.”

“I intend to breastfeed for as long as I can,” she added.