Supermodel Marisa Miller is one of the girls of summer in Esquire magazine. She takes to the beach to luxuriate in a skimpy bikini… and less. She tosses her top to celebrate “her favorite time of year.”

The 32-year-old model, who has posed for the cover of Sports Illustrated’s celebrated swimsuit issue (2008) is right at home in the sultry photo shoot.

“Summer is my favorite time of the year,” she says playfully. “It’s warm, everybody gets outside, girls wear a little less clothing, and there’s lots of concerts.

“Everybody’s just ready to have some fun,” she tells the magazine.

Check out Marisa’s photos; click to enlarge!

Marisa bathes in the sand in sex bikinis and also dons a black bra, black jacket and ultra-short shorts.

Of her fellow Sports Illustrated models, well, she likes them all, but if she had to choose, she thinks Brooklyn Decker is “a very, very sweet girl.”

As a beach veteran, Miller has her preferences.

“We’re not in Europe. I don’t understand the guys who wear that really tight Euro-spandex,” she says.

“I just don’t get it. For me, I grew up around surfers — guys in trunks — and I like that. You want a guy to be a guy, you know?

Marisa is a California girl so she should know.

She considered herself a tomboy growing up, but you wouldn’t know it from these photos.

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