Kerr_MirandaVictoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr caused an uproar back in October when she appeared to be “shockingly” thin in a UK photo shoot. But judging by Kerr’s latest bikini photos, she’s more like shockingly shapely now.

The controversy over Kerr’s emaciated look followed by less than a week a scandal over model Filippa Hamilton, 23, a veteran of dozens of fashion campaigns and magazine covers.

Hamilton said she was fired by fashion house Ralph Lauren for being too fat. Hamilton is 5’10” tall and weighs all of 120 pounds.

Kerr, a 26-year-old lingerie model and face of David Jones was photographed for a fashion spread in October and looked all skin and bones.

In several shots, her ribs were noticeable protruding. The photos prompted an outcry in England, where tabloids jumped on the controversy.


Kerr, however, insisted her body weight is natural. “I don’t want to be scrutinized for just being me, just like someone overweight doesn’t want to be scrutinized for just being them,” she told the London Daily Telegraph.

Kerr claimed the pictures were taken at unfavorable angles which inaccurately displayed the proportions of her body. Kerr said the photos made her “look thinner” than she really is. “The fact is I have been the same weight for three or four years,” Kerr said.

Kerr doesn’t discuss her body weight, but says she has a healthy lifestyle. “I am healthy and fill my body with the right foods. I wouldn’t be able to travel around the world and work if I wasn’t taking care of myself,” she told the newspaper.

Kerr, the world’s tenth highest earning model, according to Forbes magazine, said she studies nutrition and has written a book on diet and nutrition titled “Treasure Yourself.” It’s set for release early next year.

Kerr, a former Maybelline model, is known as a lingerie model and for posing in swimwear shoots for Sports Illustrated magazine. She also appears topless  in the Perilli calendar.

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