christina-hendricks-globesA New York Times reporter is drawing fire again for playing fat police at the Golden Globes, after writing that “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks looked out of place  in her dress because of her size.

Hendricks’ husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, slammed fashion reporter Cathy Horyn. She is the second Times reporter catching fire for criticizing actresses about their weight at the film awards ceremony.

Under the headline, “Now Scrutinizing: A Rounder Golden Globes” writer Andy Port claimed Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Courtney Cox all looked as though they had gained weight. He said he could tell by their flabby arms.

The comments come amid a continuing debate in Hollywood over the pressures the film industry places on actresses to be thin. A number of celebrities have struggled with eating disorders.

Hendricks, a busty redhead, wore a champagne-colored ruffled gown at the awards ceremony Jan. 10. Horyn called her out for what she claimed was a fashion faux pas.

“You don’t put a big girl in a big dress. That’s rule number one,” Horyn wrote, quoting an unnamed stylist.

“I was just upset about the whole Golden Globes dress thing. I thought she looked so gorgeous. And that New York Times blogger saying that is so ridiculous,” Arend told People magazine.

“What was nice was seeing the entire Internet come after that blogger. That was really cool. It was the first time I saw just a solid block of ‘You’re crazy! What’s wrong with you? You should be ashamed of yourself!'”

To compound matters, the Times printed a photo that was improperly sized and made Hendricks look even wider.

“Honestly, the Grey Lady should be ashamed of themselves to print a picture like that, that they widened!” Arend said.

Horyn did apologize for the technical mistake, acknowledging that it had caused the photo to be “slightly distorted inadvertently.”

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