OlsenTwinsSo many women are afraid of fashion. They only feel comfortable blending in with the woodwork, or dressing the way every other woman is dressed.

Most women would swear they want to look different, but they really don’t. They’ve taken the term, “fashion police” too literally.

If you wear a scarf in an unusual way and someone who sees you doesn’t like it, I promise you won’t be arrested. People won’t even follow you down the street taunting you.

I have a friend with many wonderful attributes, but style isn’t one of them. When she leaves the house, if all her important parts are covered, she considers herself well-dressed.

Once I wore a belt with the buckle off to the side instead of centered. She said, “I didn’t know you could do that.” Well, who’s going to stop me?

I bought an inexpensive chainlink necklace, and when the clasp broke, it couldn’t be fixed because it wasn’t real gold. I was about to throw it away when I thought of my jeans. With the help of two safety pins, I now have a pocket chain.

One of my fashion quirks is that I don’t like bags with both handles and shoulder straps. When a bag has both, the shoulder strap
always has metal hardware so it can be worn with or without.

I always take the shoulder strap and wear it as a belt slung loosely around my hips.

I have a black lizard “Kelly” bag that came with both a handle and strap. The strap fits perfectly around my hips.

I have another, more inexpensive bag that also had both a strap and handle. This one was much too big to wear as a belt but it had an adjustable buckle.

I used an icepick to make holes in the strap so I could make it smaller. It’s now a lovely belt.

One gray, dreary morning, I put on my trench and felt I needed something to brighten it. I added a scarf but it still lacked something.

I took a very large darning needle, threaded it with a strand of shocking pink wool, and stuck it through my lapel. All day people commented and smiled.

A fashion designer once said that even bad taste was better than no taste at all. I’m not sure I’d go that far, having seen some pretty glaring examples of bad taste, but I know what he meant.

One of the ways we learn is by breaking the rules Someone else said that it’s all right to break the rules providing you know what the rules are. Rules change all the time.

Respectable women once wouldn’t think of leaving the house without gloves and a hat Today we only wear gloves when it’s cold, and a hat….who wears a hat?

So live a little. Forget the fashion police and remember, fashion is supposed to be fun.

Miriam Silverberg is a freelance journalist and the owner of Miriam Silverberg Associates,a boutique publicity agency in Manhattan.
She may be reached at silverbergm@mindspring.com.

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