“Twilight” star Kellan Lutz, has used his vampire popularity to leverage his career as a fashion model. He fronts for the Fall 2011 Dylan George and Abbot + Main’s collections.

A former model for Abercrombie & Fitch, Lutz also reps for Calvin Klein men’s underwear and jeans.

While his character, Emmet Cullen, has taken a back seat to star Robert Pattinson’s Edward, in the “Twilight,” Lutz, who plays has built his own fan base.

He has grown increasingly buff with each film to match the his character in the books, who is described as being “very tall, very burly” and “very intimidating.”

Check out Kellan’s photos; click to enlarge.

In the latest movie “Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” his character Emmet plays a key role, teaching Bella (Kristen Stewart) how to fight for the coming showdown with the Volturi.

Off-screen, he was recently named one of the Best Summer Bodies of 2011.

The 6’1″ Kellan, 26, was joined in the sizzling photoshoot by model Anne V, the girlfriend of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

Lutz works out daily and follows a high-protein, low-carb diet.

In addition to lifting weights, Kellan does lots of isometric exercises, such as push-ups and crunches, and swims as often as possible.

So what’s Lutz’s secret for his rippling abs? He starts every workout with 5 minutes of cardio exercise, followed up by some core ab moves.

Then, Lutz targets separate muscle groups by working them to exhaustion using both his body weight and dumbbells.

But even the super-disciplined Kellan has a weakness. “Candy–I just need sugar all the time,” he says.

Breaking Dawn, which also co-stars Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene, hits theaters Nov. 18.