Move over Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, model Lara Stone has made the jump from fashion to men’s magazines with a stunning new spread in GQ. Can the movies be far behind?

Stone is probably best known to the public as a Calvin Klein model, but she’s no stranger to the fashion industry.

The Dutch model, 27, was named the world’s No. 1 international model by fashion site and ranks 10th on the site’s list of sexiest models.

Stone is also featured in the 2011 Pirelli Calendar photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Check out Lara’s photos; click to enlarge.

But GQ has elevated her to “Woman of the Year” in its 14th annual Men’s issue.

Stone has distinctive looks, high cheekbones and a celebrated gap-toothed smile that has drawn its fair share of critics, who sometimes call her “ugly.”

“It hurts when you’re having a tough day and someone says, ‘She’s so fu*cking ugly, I wouldn’t let my dog near her,'” she told the magazine.

But Stone easily channels such classic sex sirens as Brigitte Bardot, and that’s the theme of her GQ shoot, which puts her in a fur coat and nothing else.

Lara, who is married to UK comedian David Walliams, also talked about some of the craziness of shooting commercials for fashion brands.

In a Calvin Klein ad, she was supposed to be photographed driving a luxury Bentley

“I can’t drive,” she laughingly reveals.

But that didn’t stop the shoot. “The car was mounted on a truck, and I’m supposed to be driving. It was difficult to get the hair right.

“We finally did the take, and it was perfect, except my hands had never been on the steering wheel. I felt like such an idiot!” she said.

Stone’s eye on a movie career is also getting some legs. She’s slated to appear in the latest Austin Powers sequel with Mike Myers, following model-turned-actress Elizabeth Hurley and Huntington-Whiteley.

“Lara’s name has been touted in casting meetings for ‘Austin Powers 4,’ and there is talk that bosses would like to get her in for a screen test,” a source told London’s Daily Mail.

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