Selena Gomez is working on a new line for her Dream Out Loud fashion label. So have any ideas? She’s asking fans to send her suggestions about what they would like to see.

While it’s a nice gesture to solicit ideas from fans, it kind of suggests she doesn’t have any. Plus, who will get credit, and more importantly, who will get paid?

“I love [Katy Perry’s] style. She represents the sensual woman and I like that,” said Gomez, offering up some food for thought.

Selena, 19, posted on her Facebook page that she is working on Dream Out Loud’s fall 2012 collection.

She asked her fans for input about where they want her to go with the line.

Check out Selena’s clothes; click to enlarge.

“Working hard on new designs for Dream Out Loud fall 2012…. Yes almost a year in advance. What are you guys wanting in the line?” she posted.

She also recently posted a video to promote her line and talk about what she hopes her clothes represent.

Selena, 19, was recently released a video promoting her line, explained one of her most important fashion rules she lives by.

“At the end of the day, you should not wake up and dress for anybody but yourself,” Selena says.

“Because there will be magazines, there will be people, boyfriends, there will be girls who will say, ‘That’s what looks good, that’s amazing, that’s in!’

“But ultimately at the end of the day you’re going to dress for yourself,” she adds.

In the past, Selena has also asked her fans for suggestions on her fragrance and the songs they’d like to hear her cover live.

While it’s always great to seek outside input, it also raises a question whether Selena is intellectually lazy. Can’t she come up with her own ideas?

Check out some of her clothes in the photos above, and listen to her talk about fashion below. Then, let us know your thoughts.

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