Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has transcended modeling and is on her way to becoming a brand. Sure dating Leonardo DiCaprio helped, but she’s doing it on her own now.

Refaeli is back in the January issue of GQ’s UK edition with a wet and wild photo shoot. The magazine just can’t get enough of her. She covered the September issue.

Her on-again, off-again romance with DiCaprio lasted three years. Bar reportedly wanted to get serious, but Leo wasn’t ready to commit and that apparently ended it.

While the break up may have lower Refaeli’s profile a bit, it hasn’t stopped her career from rising.

Check out Bar’s photos; Click to enlarge.

Although she is best known in the United States for her appearance in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, she has modeled extensively.

In the Middle East she’s treated like royalty. She opened a high-end mall in Morocco on Friday (Dec. 2) with actor Clive Owen.

Only a few days before that, she was partying with friends in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“I absolutely love Sao Paulo. I am going to come here much more often!” she Tweeted.

Over the summer. Refaeli was spotted with Brazilian playboy polo player Ricardo Mansur, partying in Saint Tropez.

The fling, however, apparently only lasted the summer.

Bar was most recently featured in SodaStream’s 24-page magalog, which introduces the company’s new campaign, “A Sparkling Life.”

The Israeli-born supermodel has also created a range of underwear, including undershirts, tights and camisoles for her new brand Undeez.

“We have professional designers, of course, but my ideas and input go into every single item. I try everything before it’s manufactured. I choose the fabric and have the last word on the items,” she said earlier this month.

The collection, which is targeting the affordable to midrange price segment, is aimed at people age 25 to 45.

Refaeli will appear on Monday’s episode of fashion reality show “Scouted” on E! at 10 p.m.

She helps mentor up-and-coming 16-year-old model Valenteen Mecham, according to the cable network.

“She’s gorgeous,” Mecham says of her mentor. “Her eyes are amazing. I’m like obsessed with them. They’re really blue. She’s a natural beauty.”

Check out her GQ photos.