lindsay-lohan-sunLindsay Lohan is trying to pull back from the edge. She has kicked drugs and has alcohol under control, she says. But when it comes to fashion, she is still the poster girl for hot mess sexuality.

LiLo gave an in-depth interview to UK tabloid The Sun in which she candidly discussed her drug problems and her gal-pal problems with lesbian lover Samantha Ronson. LiLo is in the UK for London Fashion Week.

Lohan definitively has an addictive personality. She lays it off on her father, however. She claims the drugs started getting out of control when he started intruding in her life in 2007.

In fact, she says her dad indirectly introduced her to cocaine, because he was using and she became curious about it. Thanks, Dad.

Lohan says she is now clean.

“I’m allowed to drink now but I know my limits. There are certain situations where I have obligations. There’s no reason to (drink) because I don’t want to feel like shit in the morning,” Lohan said.

In photo outtakes from her Sun interview, LiLo shows she can still turn it on for the camera. Glamor isn’t her strong suit in these shots. But she’s got the hot mess sexy look down. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Check out LiLo’s photos. Click to supersize.

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