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Rihanna Playful Behind the Scenes at Armani Shoot (watch!)

Rihanna is obviously excited about her new job repping for Emporio Armani lingerie. She frolics, jokes with her crew and looks stunningly coquettish in a blonde bob hairdo.

Photos of the pop singer were shot on location in New York city. Stephen Klein and Director Johan Renck shot the video, showing Rihanna in delicate underwear working with the photographer and crew.

“We did a whole transformation so now I’m a blonde and not a red head anymore… and I like it,” she says.

Despite the scarcity of clothing, Rihanna goes through a major ritual with stylists to get ready for the camera.

Check out Rihanna’s photos; click to enlarge.

She follows the racy Megan Fox, who was paired with soccer hottie Cristiano Ronaldo last year for Armani’s underwear campaign.

The Armani ads for the product line, at least in the past, focused on physical fitness.

Before Fox and Ronaldo, the brand was represented by soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria.

Rihanna is sultry, but she’s also solidly built with, let’s face it, a bootie that Kim Kardashian would die for.

Check out the video below and photos.

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