French actress and singer Marion Cotillard, who won the best actress Oscar for 2007’s “La Vie en Rose,” is demure and droll in a hilarious short film by Lady Dior that captures all of the insanity of a fashion shoot.

Cotillard plays a Hollywood starlet who is having major meltdown about her career and would like nothing better than to get out of dealing with eccentric stylists, temperamental photographers and assorted hangers-on at a major fashion shoot.

Unfortunately, she breaks the news to her agent while in route to the shoot, and he must use all of his persuasive skills to change her mind.

Check out Marion’s photos; click to enlarge.

He promises her, anything, anything, of course, until they arrive, and the madness of her existence swallows her up, again.

American writer and actor John Cameron Mitchell, who is best known for his motion pictures “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” “Shortbus” and “Rabbit Hole,” directs the six-minute short film.

The short opens with Cotillard playing starlet Margaux. She’s crammed in the back seat of a car with her agent, Stan, played by Mark Fite and her assistant, played by Stephanie Klausman.

She is mass autographing photos while her agent is yakking on his cell phone.

Margaux stares plaintively, while her agent tells her how great the shoot is going to be.

Then, with a hurt look in her eyes she pronounces, “I think I need a change.”

“Change? Change of clothes? I think you look beautiful,” Stan replies.

To which Margaux bleats: “I’m thinking about quitting the business.”

That sends Stan into overdrive to convince her go to through with the shoot, making promises he knows he can’t keep.

Check out the video below and Marion’s sexy photo shoot– a real one–from a recent issue of Elle France.