twiggyWhat would London Fashion Week — or any fashion week for that matter — be without fur protesters?  This time, Twiggy, arguably the world’s first true supermodel, grabbed the spotlight, calling the use of fur “intolerably cruel.”

The 60-year-old former model, who virtually launched the modern fashion era in the 1960s, called for designers not to use fur in their collections, because its “inhumane” to animals.

“I am very sad that some designers are still using real fur when the fake alternatives are so effective and so easily obtainable,” she said.

“These poor animals are kept in such terrible and inhumane conditions. Is it really worth this cruelty just for fashion’s sake? I don’t think so.”

Twiggy was joined at London Fashion week by Sharon Osbourne, who also urged her fans to boycott fur-using designers. She singled out foxtail handbag accessories designed by Louis Vuitton, calling them “heinous.”

Animal rights activists claim that fur is more prevalent at this year’s London shows. Most fur used by designers in Great Britain comes from Finland. Fur harvesting is illegal in Britain.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) has enlisted numerous celebrities for ads, and the animal rights organization will be featuring Twiggy in its latest campaign.

Her slogan: “If You Wouldn ‘t Wear Your Dog, Please Don’t Wear Any Fur.”