Lindsay Lohan is giving German fashion designer Philipp Plein his money’s worth, however much he paid for her. She turns in a sexy performance in a new photo shoot for the line’s Spring 2012 collection.

The shoot is titled “Be Yourself.” It should be subtitled “No Matter How Fu*ked Up You Are.” Lindsay has been there and done that, from her DUI arrests, to probation violations, stints in rehab and petty theft charges.

Plein scooped up Lindsay, 25, when she was at a low point in her career. At Milan Fashion Week in Italy last year, he confirmed  that Lohan would follow Mischa Barton, another hot mess actress, as the face of his new collection.

Check out Lindsay’s photos; click to enlarge.

Lindsay Lohan in Playboy: Step Up, Down?

Well, the day has arrived, and Lindsay apparently not only showed up for the shoot, but looked decadently delicious in strapless dresses. Her duties for the brand may well be the first steady work since her jail stint and rehab.

It looks like Plein’s faith in Lindsay has paid off. The “Mean Girls” actress is the talk of the town now that she is being mentioned–seriously–to play screen legend Elizabeth Taylor for an upcoming Lifetime TV movie. Hey, it’s a start.

She said in her recent Playboy interview that she had learned from her mistakes and was ready to ditch the highwire act and get back to work. The movie, titled, “Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story” could be just the ticket.

Can Lindsay Lohan Get Her Groove Back?

“Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality,” Plein said when he hired her.

Lindsay has been sporting the manufactured look that Europeans seem to like for a while now. Her hair is bleached blonde and filled out with extensions; her lips are overly plumped with collagen, and she has the ever-present  spray on tan. Her eyes are heavy with liner and mascara.

One thing is certain, she’s got that Long Island Lolita look down pat. Check out her photos.