Kardashian Molinaro

Will the real Kim Kardashian please stand up!

Kim Kardashian has a distinctive look, but at this stage of the game would anyone really want to impersonate her? The question is at the heart of a lawsuit over an Old Navy ad that could prove another embarrassment for the reality star.

The reality TV queen filed a lawsuit in July against Old Navy’s parent company, The Gap, claiming commercials featuring Kardashian look-alike Melissa Molinaro, a singer and dancer, were meant to deceive people into thinking it was her.

Molinaro bears a striking resemblance to Kardashian. But The Gap apparently isn’t about to roll over. They’ve hired Hollywood attack dog lawyer Louis Petrich to investigate the Kardashians finances and worse, to challenge Kim’s talent, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Petrich reportedly wants to know the details of a deal between Kim and retailers BeBe and Sears. He also wants to know why BeBe dropped her clothing line. Because Kim’s lawsuit alleges her public persona was violated, Petrich also wants to examine exactly what Kim stands for in the public’s eye.

For one, he is looking into “Kim Kardashian’s reputation as a singer and dancer.” Ah… none. By establishing that Kim can do neither, it will show that Molinaro wouldn’t be mistaken for her. Molinaro is accomplished as both.

People magazine asked readers in an article if they were fooled by the ad, and so far, only a minority, 47 percent in an online poll said they were. To confuse things even more, Also worth mentioning is Kim’s ex, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush, is dating Molinaro.

Pretty soon, the doppelganger could be popping up in Kim’s reality show. Would the world be better if she took over Kim’s reality life?