Kim Kardashian pulled out all the stops in the season finale of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” to show how much she was devastated by her failed marriage to Kris Humphries. She cried uncontrollably. Believe it?

This season of the reality show, which is supposed to be about Kourtney and Kim’s experiences in the Big Apple, has been devoted almost entirely to justifying Kim’s decision to divorce Humphries after just 72 days of marraige and a blow out $18 million wedding.

In scene after scene, the pro baskeball player was portrayed as a lazy, insensitive oaf, constantly insulting Kim and upsetting her vapid friends. Kim slowly loses patience with Kris until she confides in a car ride with her momager Kris Jenner that the marriage isn’t going well.

The conversation was supposed to have taken place in Dubai in October, but other evidence, including photographs, suggest the scene was shot at a Los Angeles studio in December, well after the fact.

In this week’s finale, Kim has a heart-to-heart talk with Kourtney and her baby daddy Scott Disick, who has knocked Kourtney up for the second time without marrying her.

Kim tries to explain how she feels about the marriage and begins to get emotional. Kim seems surprised that her husband wants to move his things, all of 15 boxes, into her house in Los Angeles. She’d rather he stay in Minnesota.

Scott tries to break the situation to her gently. “You do realize that you’re married, right?” he says.

“You think I feel good that I met this guy from Minnesota? And I made him move out here and change his whole life. I feel bad for him. I feel sad,” Kim says as she starts losing it.

Despite her best efforts and record-breaking viewership for the show, Kim is still living under a cloud of bad publicity from her actions. Check out the video below: