Adriana Lima, best known for Victoria’s Secret, grabbed the world’s attention with her stunning beauty in the Super Bowl’s hottest ads. But just check out these photos.

Lima, 30, was featured in an ad seductively dressing in front of a bouquet of flowers and another for Kia Motors.

In the flowers ad, she assures guys that Valentine’s Day is simple: give, and you shall receive. Regardless of whether they remember Teleflora, the ad’s sponsor, Lima was unforgettable. Who knows, she may even spark an increase in sales.

Check out Adriana’s photos; click to enlarge.

But in the end, the ad probably did more for her career than it did for the sponsor. She wears a little black cocktail dress and slowly pulls up a stocking while sitting on a bed. She fastens her garter and gives a seductive glance over her shoulder.

She had one line. “Guys, Valentine’s Day is not that complicated,” she says in her sexy accent. “Give and you shall receive.”

Lima returned for another spot featuring Kia. The ad opens with 1940s hit “Mr. Sandman.” An elf sprinkles fairy dust to send couples off to their dreams. But he trips and dumps a load on one lucky guy.

He wakes up behind the wheel of a Kia, with the barely dressed model waving him on with a checkered flag. The ad cuts to scenes of a Mötley Crüe concert and a raceway filled with bikini-clad fans.

It ends with the driver crashing another dream and grabbing that guy’s dream girl from the back of his white steed.

The latest ads aren’t Lima’s first in front of a mega crowd. Her solo Victoria’s Secret’s Super Bowl XLII ad was the single most-watched ad of the game. More than 103.7 million viewers saw it. With not one, but two spots this time, she was viewed even more.

Lima is married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić, and they have one child, Valentina, born in 2009.

Check out her photos, shot by Matt Jones and her Super Bowl ads below.