Kim Kardashian has done her damnedest to justify divorcing husband Kris Humphries through her reality show, but all the posturing and crying may have been for nothing. Could what Kris says be true?

The jilted NBA player reportedly is ready to testify in his annulment proceeding that Kim cut him off from sex almost immediately after their blow out $18 million wedding last August.

Kim and Kris stopped having sex after they were married on Aug. 22 in the lavish Montecito, Calif., ceremony.

Check out Kim’s photos; click to enlarge.

“Almost immediately after the wedding, they stopped having sex,” a source told Life&Style magazine.

Ouch. If only it were true. Unfortunately, Life&Style falls into the “believe it or not” group of tabloids. But the magazine does have one thing going for it.

It has traditionally been looked on as a shill for Kim and sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

Only last April, Kourtney graced the cover of Life&Style in a bikini three weeks in a row. A month later, Khloe and Kim covered the magazine for two consecutive weeks. In fact, the magazine has hyped just about every angle of the Kardashians money making schemes.

Was there a falling out between the magazine and the sisters?

According to the latest revelations, “Kim’s freaking out,” the source says. “All of her dirty laundry will be aired and there is a lot to air. Kim is a calculating person who does things to benefit her wallet. That’s her top priority! Everything will come out in court — even their sex life.” Zing!

Kris also reportedly wants to prove the show “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” was scripted and that Kim used Kris to make money. This season’s show was almost entirely focused on making Kris look like a lout and an oaf to justify the divorce.

But if allegations that Kim cut off Humphries from sex right after the wedding are true, his grounds for annulment would be considerably strengthened.

One thing is certain, at least according to the New York reality show, they didn’t sleep together while in New York, and Kim refused to let him move his things into her Los Angeles house.

But first, Humphries will have to explain all of those honeymoon photos. The newlyweds took a mini-honeymoon to Italy’s Amalfi Coast right after the wedding and spent time together on Kris’ private boat in Minnesota over the Labor Day weekend.

Judging from the photos, it seemed as though Kim could barely keep her hands off her husband, at least when the cameras were around. No doubt the footage will turn up at the court trial–if there is one.