Taylor Swift lets her guard down just enough to suggest she has sexual fantasies in a dreamy new commercial for her fragrance Wonderstruck. Her dream state has a theme park feel. She must be one hot carnival ride.

The country singer has earned the right to dream. She was recently named the top earning music star with an estimated income of $35 million in 2011, according to Billboard.

Most of the money came from her music an touring, but she is also fast becoming a brand. Her fragrance is just one of the offshoots of her burgeoning career. She has her own management company and a lucrative deal with Covergirl.

Plus she has a ready-to-market following of 29 million Facebook fans and 11 million Twitter followers. For the record, her scent has hints of freesia, apple blossom, vanilla and peach.

In the 34-second spot, Taylor is demure in light makeup and a very neutral gray dress. She pauses to look in a mirror in a largely colorless room. She arches her head, exposes her long neck and spritzes on a misting of her perfume.

The mirror glows and the room transformers into an ornate chamber, probably not a lot unlike how you might imagine her bedroom. It has its own delicate carousel. Her dress has blossomed into a peach-colored antebellum gown.

Oddly the man of her dreams is dressed like a 19th century Clem Kladiddlehopper. Wow, is that a buzz kill. The commercial ends just as Taylor takes one step through the mirror. But not to worry, there’s more to come.

Check it out below.