Kendall Jenner seems to have cemented her role as a swimsuit model. She posted new photos on her blog from her latest shoot with Flavor magazine. She flaunts her hot, if underage, bikini body.

“I am soooo excited to show you guys these shots from my FLAVOR magazine shoot!!” the 16-year-old wrote. “The pics were taken by the amazing Sinisha Nisevic at the famous Goldstein House in Beverly Hills!

Flavor is a lifestyle and fashion magazine based in Paris. It seems the French just can’t get enough of Kendall and the Kardashian girls. The also can’t get enough of Jerry Lewis, but that’s the French for you.

Check out Kendall’s Photos; click to enlarge.

Do you think it’s because she’s only 16? Naughty French!

“WOW how insane are these pics of Kendall from her shoot for FLAVOR magazine?!?” wrote big sis Khloe Kardashian on her blog. “I cannot believe how grown up and gorgeous she looks!

“It seriously blows my mind every single time I see modeling shots of her LOL,” she added.

The geezer in the photo is actually James Goldstein himself. While he looks like a grizzled Civil War veteran, the clothes are actually his own designer duds, Kendall says.

“This shoot was the first one done on his new tennis court overlooking the city! How amazing is that view!? Totally amazing. Just check out the photos.