Model Julia Välimäki evokes visions of paradise and mythological pleasure in a stunning pictorial in the upcoming issue of Vaga magazine.

Välimäki, 24, is largely unknown outside of her native country of Finland, although she has done editorial work in the UK, France and in Singapore for Harper’s Bazaar. She’s also appeared in Vogue Italia.

The arty, New York-based fashion periodical only comes out twice a year, so it obviously put a lot of thought into its erotic photo spread of the Finnish beauty.

In the photo shoot, titled “Elysian Paradise,” Välimäki represents the ancient Greek ideal of heaven. Elysium or the Elysium Fields were described in mythology as an island paradise where Greek heroes and the relatives of the Gods lived after they died.

Later, Elysium was opened to those chosen by the Gods, the righteous and the heroic. There in death, they could live a blessed and happy life, indulging in whatever they had enjoyed in life. Julia seems a perfect metaphor.

Photographer Samuli Karala was behind the lens for the shoot with styling by Julie Brook Williams.

Vaga is a theme oriented magazine showcasing “original fashion editorials alongside exclusive high quality articles, interviews and featured profiles from the fashion and music industry,” according to its Web site.