Brazilian bombshell Isabeli Fontana is under fire in Britain for being too tan for top department store H&M’s summer swimwear campaign. Her bronze body could encourage too much sun worshiping, experts say.

The issue may also be a matter of time after New Jersey housewife was arrested this week for allegedly allowing her six-year-old daughter to lay in a tanning bed.

The woman, Patricia Krentcil, was as dark as a piece chewing tobacco.

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She said her daughter was in the room with her at the tanning salon, but not in the bed, even though the six-year-old was sunburned, police said.

Let’s make one thing clear. Fontana is no Krentcil. Plus, she’s Brazilian, and likely has some Portuguese or Native American blood, making her naturally dark skinned. But that’s done noting to quell the uproar in pasty-skinned Britain and Northern Europe.

The 28-year-old model is deeply bronzed and appears on billboards in Europe and the firm’s British Web site.

“I find this advertisement very alarming and borderline,” Dr. Ralph Braun, who works at the Early Skin Cancer Centre at Zurich University Hospital told reporters in Switzerland, who protest also have been lodged.

“Many people, especially the young, will try to emulate this and will try to be just as brown, although with some skin types this is just not possible,” he added.

The department store said in a statement they chose Fontana because her darker skin color looks better contrasted with the boldly colored bikinis.

Fontana wears tropical prints and barely there bikinis in photos, which where shot on a pristine beach. Check them out, as well as her video.