LouLou Robert is fast becoming this season’s “it” model. Two of fashion’s favorite image makers, Dutch photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, have proclaimed her their new muse.

Although her modeling resume is short, she appears nude in a stunning Inez and Vinoodh photo spread in “V” magazine that’s caught the attention of fashion houses around the world.

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Robert, 19, is now reportedly poised to make a major breakthrough for a fall campaign that will put her in the spotlight, and on the fast track to supermodel stardom.

The photographers say her face resembles a young Penélope Cruz, and her body is like Kate Moss’.”Our work is so much about the girl in the clothes and she provides us with so many new inspirations,” they told style.com.

She’s also been featured in the UK’s Grazia magazine and interviewed by New York magazine, where she talked about her upbringing, her start in modeling, love of reading and literature and hopes of being a writer like her father.

LouLou, who is French, grew up with a younger brother and older sister in household headed by her father, who is a political writer and mother, who is a housewife. She remembers her childhood as happy, but lonely. “I was a very strange child, you know? My family life was happy, so I don’t know why I was like that,” she tells New York.

She got into modeling at the suggestion of her boyfriend while she was studying in college in Paris at the relatively advanced age of 18. Most models start their careers at 15 or younger. She found the business difficult at first.

“It’s difficult to be a model because you have to be alone, and people are not always very nice with you. It depends. Nobody was nice with me before Inez and Vinoodh; people didn’t care. But now, it’s nice. Things are different,” she says.

Indeed, meeting the Dutch photographers marked a major breakthrough in her budding career.

“My agent called me and said, ‘Inez and Vinoodh want to meet you.’ I didn’t know who Inez and Vinoodh were, but everybody would tell me, ‘Whoa, it’s amazing!’

“It was a very simple meeting. They asked me about my interests and my life. After one week, Inez took some pictures of me. We have a good feeling together,” she says.

Eniko Mihalik was thhe last girl the Dutch pair put on exclusive contract in 2008, and her career skyrocketed afterward, says New York.