Rihanna has descended on Times Square in New York like the Attack of the 50ft Tall Woman. She appears naked on a new billboard towering over the square to promote her new perfume, Rebelle.

The image shows the 24-year-old singer with red hair, covering her private parts with her neatly folded arms. This is the second of three perfumes she’s launched in the last year.

“My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady,” said the singer. “There’s a feminine, romantic element to the fragrance — but there’s also a defiant quality in it. I love its duality,” she added.

Her first scent Reb’l Fleur has been described as “daring, sexy and truly memorable.”

“Plump fruits, red berries, plum and juicy, ripe peaches, make a delicious first impression, while sumptuous florals and warm base notes create an impression that is defiantly sexy,” according to ads for product.

She’s also preparing to launch her third fragrance, called simply, and somehow appropriately, Nude. She released photos of herself topless last month, with blonde hair.