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Lindsay Lohan Back to Hot Mess Ways (hot new photos)

lindsay-lohan-frontLindsay Lohan is scaring the bejesus out of friends with her hard partying and her whack father is threatening to force her into rehab, but she still knows how to sex it up, judging by her latest photo shoot for clothing label 6126.

6126 is Lindsay’s own fashion label and features leggings.

LiLo turns on the sexiness for the shots, and frankly, looks hot. So, it’s hard to tell exactly what toll all her purported partying is taking on her body and soul.

Her father has been on a jihad for months, claiming that his daughter is flirting with death from an abuse of prescription drugs.

He’s now threatening to force Lindsay into rehab with an intervention, even if he’s the only person on board with this plan, according to celebrity site X17online.

“Since I found out what a horrible way Lindsay is in, and after finding out how drastic it has become, I immediately contacted the necessary people in Lindsay’s circle, including her attorney as well as an attorney of my own,” he said.

“It is nobody’s business when or how it will happen. Hopefully Lindsay, her attorney and the ‘people’ who influence her, will be on board. If not, the process will continue without them. I promise that!”

LiLo’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly,, however, is apparently running interference for the “Mean Girls” star.

Michael claims she’s telling him one thing and doing another.

“She says and admits privately how bad Lindsay is, but she does nothing. Instead, she says she has a legal responsibility toward Lindsay. So does this mean that she should watch Lindsay die.”

Not so says Holly.

“Michael Lohan’s conduct with respect to his daughter and to the media speaks for itself. I represent Miss Lohan and will continue to protect her personal and legal interests to the very best of my ability,” she said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Michael is raising eyebrows with plans to marry ex-gossip reporter Kate Major, who was once LiLo’s personal assistant. Hello Mom!

Check out Lindsay’s photos. Click to supersize.

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