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Chloe Moretz Age-Appropriate at Last for Aeropostale (photos)

Chloe Grace Moretz made her first big step at 15 to becoming a fashion brand. She’s the new ambassador of youthful fashion label Aeropostale. At last, she’s being shot in age-appropriate clothes.

Moretz has done other photo shoots, but they’ve tended to over-sexualize the teenager, who scored a big breakthrough in her film career with the 2010 action film “Kick-Ass.”

The brand will feature her in advertisements through next spring, wearing clothes she’s had a hand in styling herself. She’ll also be advising on brand collections.

Check out Chloe’s photos; click to enlarge.

“I get my own section, I got to pull my own clothes. Girls can go and see what I love and what I wear in the shoots. It’s a way for me to be in touch with girls,” Moretz said in a recent interview.

She describes her style as “fun, flirty and colorful.” She said she was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer, with whom she co-starred in the Tim Burton film “Dark Shadows” with Johnny Depp. “She has the coolest clothes,” Moretz said.

Scott Birnbaum, senior vice president of Aeropostale marketing and e-commerce said the brand sought input from magazine editors, photographers and other fashion industry insiders before deciding to go with Moretz.

“When we met Chloe, it was really an instant love affair,” he said. “She has such great style, she can mix it up. She wears great high-end designers and everyday stuff.”

“We think she’s a role model,” he adds. “She’s quirky and actually really funny, and those are things our brand stands for.”

Aeropostale’s target customers are typically 14- to 17-years-old, squarely in Moretz’s demographic, although the actress has been appearing in more mature films lately.

Moretz is already featured on the company’s Web Site. In a video on the site (see below), Chloe poses in leopard print skinnies, graphic tees, printed maxi skirts and other back-to-school clothes.

Moretz starred in “Hugo” and will appear next in a remake of Stephen King horror classic “Carrie.”

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