Kendall Jenner continues her run of sexy bikini beach photos unabated with the latest in a series of Kim Kardashian’s half-sister going viral today. She plays football in the pounding waves.

It’s probably safe to assume the uninterrupted string of photos is all part of momager Kris Jenner’s marketing strategy for her 16-year-old underage daughter.

After all, she started daughter Kim on the road to sexual icon at the tender age of 14, a move that resulted in a sex tape that catapulted the reality star to fame for merely being herself.

Momager Kris is no dummy. She figured out long ago that the Internet is like a sea filled with content-starved pop culture Web sites.

Check out Kendall’s photos; click to enlarge.

Kim is the first person to ever become famous (outside of Paris Hilton) solely as Web site content. Now she’s trying to build Kendall’s brand the same way.

If Kendall has anything going for her, it’s her rocking bikini body. She can’t seem to stop posting photos and videos of herself in tiny bikinis. Sister Kylie Jenner, 14 also doesn’t mind showing off in a skimpy bathing suit, but she just doesn’t elicit the same innocent sexuality that Kendall does.

Hilton ultimately faded from the spotlight, simply because everyone got sick of seeing her. Oddly, though, none of the Kardashians have suffered from similar over-exposure, although Kim is damaged goods these days because of her wedding fiasco with Kris Humphries.

In any event, check out Kendall’s photos and let us know if you are tired of her yet.