Supermodel Bar Refaeli is spending a lot of time at sexy pool parties, but like the “forbidden city” in “Seinfeld,” you can never hope to be invited. So Bar shared the fun by posting hot photos of herself.

Refaeli, 27, who limits her dating pool to billionaires and movie stars, was at a party over the weekend, and decided to take some sexy photos of herself and post them online.

“Feels like teen spirit,” she wrote in the caption, a reference to a Nirvana song that has nothing to do with pool parties. But who’s complaining.

Check out Bar’s photos; click to enlarge.

Refaeli, who was voted the hottest woman in the world by Maxim magazine, had an on-again, off-again relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio that ended for good in May 2010. Her relationship was criticized by some groups in Israel who asked her not to marry a “non-Jew” for the sake of future generations.

She was most recently linked with Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, but the extent of their relationship is unkown. He was not at the party.

At the party, Refaeli posted photos of herself in a tiny bikini swimming underwater and some choice body shots. She also posted a shot of model and friend Valentina Micchetti. Or at least their legs.

“Welcome to the good life,” she wrote. Indeed. Check out her photos.