Lana Del Rey’s popularity overseas couldn’t be higher. The singer is in demand as a fashion model and takes her latest turn in the pages of Vogue Italia. As always she goes retro and bears a striking resemblance to ’60s Italian sex siren Gina Lollobrigida.

Del Rey, 25, has turned her retro look, which she describes as “gangsta’ Nancy Sinatra” into a signature fashion style. The Europeans can’t get enough of it.

She makes her latest appearance in the August edition of Vogue Italia. Photographer Ellen von Unwerth catches her looking radiant with big hair and colorful dresses.

Check out Lana’s photos; click to enlarge.

Fashion editor Cathy Kasterine styled the shoot. Lana wears Dior, DSquared2 and Valentino among other brands.

In a brief interview online, Del Rey poo-poos criticism in the media about her authenticity.

“I do not feel any pressure from the media about me. All that could be said has been said, ” she says, according to a rough translation. “What I [worry about] is the frenetic pace of travel and the search for the necessary time to do the things important to me.”

The Born to Die singer been spending her time in Europe this summer, touring around summer festivals, “which then ended up becoming a sort of world tour,” she says.

She’s described as embodying a sophisticated blend between her music, dubbed “Retromania” by British music critic Simon Reynolds, and the iconic ’60s styles seen on the hit television show “Mad Men.”

She’s working on a new album that will be a remake of her first album with eight new songs, according to the magazine. The sound is inspired by “The Doors,” mirroring “the integrity of the ’60s, when the music was more spiritual and made ​​people feel more alive,” she says. It will be released in November.

In the meantime, check out her photos and a behind the scenes video below.