Russian model Kira Dikhtyar pulls back the curtain on the rabid dieting, drug use and other abuses models are going through to get ready for New York Fashion Week. The fashion frenzy begins tomorrow (Sept. 6) at Lincoln Center.

Models are dieting, smoking nonstop and many are doing drugs so they can squeeze into the tiny, size-zero sample outfits that fashion designers insist on cranking out for shows, according to Dikhtyar.

“Packs of cigarettes, daily colonics, laxatives, diet pills, Adderall, prescription drugs that suppress the appetite [are some of the weight-loss techniques],” Dikhtyar told Fox News.

Kira Dikhtyar Ravishing at Her Place
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“I’ve heard stories that some modeling agents encourage girls to do speed and cocaine in order to speed up metabolism and eat less.”

Kira, 23, says models are turning to all kinds of unconventional and dangerous methods to shed excess fat amd water weight to win catwalk assignments from the designers.

“All kinds of injections are becoming more and more popular, from HCG injections that go with a 500-calorie diet plan to T3 thyroid injections that healthy models inject in an attempt to speed up their thyroid function, which results in a faster metabolism,” she says.

Still other models turn to hypnosis to control their hunger, while others swallow cotton balls saturated with orange juice in a desperate attempt to fill up their empty stomachs.

“From taking water pills to fat flushes, models do everything they can to flush out any excess fat or water weight before hitting the runway,” confirms fashion designer and former model Jackie Christie.

“I’ve seen models do ridiculous cleanses and diets – the lettuce soup diet, the lemon juice diet, extreme diet pills, etc. I’ve even heard of models detoxing a full month before a show and working out three times a day. It’s insane,” she says.

New York Fashion Week is the kick off to a string high-profile shows in London, Paris and Milan that will highlight Spring/Summer 2013 fashions.

Dikhtyar began training at age 12 for the Russian national gymnastic team in rhythmic gymnastics. She competed in the junior Olympics, but the willowy 5-foot, 10-inch tall sports star quit and moved to the United States in 2005 to pursue modeling and acting.

She’s worked for Ambercrombie and Fitch and was shot by famed photographer Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Italia. In 2007, she debuted as a model at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. Kira also worked as a Russian TV commentator for the London Olympics.