Kristen Stewart’s inroads as a fashion icon are still intact after her sensational cheating scandal, and she’s damn glad. She is effusive in a new interview about repping Balenciaga’s new Florabotanica fragrance.

A report in Huffington Post last month claimed that Stewart may have lost the account. But it turns out to be false.

Stewart, 22, talks about repping for the fragrance in the October issue of Teen Vogue.

Stewart says she wore her first Balenciaga dress to the original Twilight movie premiere in 2008. It was the first brand she ever recognized by name, she explained.

Kristen Stewart Rocks Indie Style for Balenciaga

“I really would’ve jumped off a building to be a part of [the campaign], even without knowing anything about it,” Stewart gushed to the magazine.

“It is an interesting thing to compare the story lines of fragrance and film. A lot of actors aren’t comfortable being themselves outside the confines of a role; it functions as protection for them,” she explained.

“But being surprised and discovering something unexpected–a chance encounter, dress, or smell–-is the most satisfying for me on a personal level.”

The “Twilight” actress has said in previous interviews she’s antsy about promoting films she appears in and is rarely comfortable on the red carpet. That was all to evident at the Toronto International Film Festival. She made her first appearance since her cheating scandal with “Snow White” Director Rupert Sanders in July.

But Stewart says repping for the fragrance came effortlessly. “I fit into this fragrance’s world really naturally. I didn’t feel like I was doing a beauty ad, [or] lying on a couch with a bunch of bronzer on my face,” she said. “This shoot fueled me the same way a movie does.”

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Footnote: Huffington Post has neither retracted nor corrected its erroneous report to date.