Lana Del Rey looks icy blue in a new photo spread for Swiss fashion house H&M. But her cool elegance is thrown off in one photo that makes her look anthropomorphically challenged at best, and freakish at worst.

The 26-year-old singer’s deal with the fashion house marked a major breakthrough for her into the world of high fashion.

Del Rey has model good looks and is statuesque, even though she’s a tad short for the runway at five-feet, seven-inches tall. But she’s the same height at supermodel Kate Moss, so her stature shouldn’t hold her back.

Lana Del Rey Lady in Blue for H&M

Del Rey has also created a distinct style that one critic dubbed “retromania,” and it’s catching on in the fashion world. Her style is reminiscent of ’60s-era go-go girls and she exudes the look for the camera.

She wears knits, figure-hugging leather pants and other items from H&M’s fall/winter line. She gets friendly with a classic Rolls Royce that is kept mostly under wraps. The unfiltered halogen photoflash in combination with unfiltered neon blue light creates a blue hue.

Del Rey leans against the car or sprawls out on top of it. But in one shot, with the front of the car exposed, the “Born to Lose” singer looks like she’s been folded in half. Her shoulder and collarbone jut upward an an impossible angle.

Her head looks like it’s been grafted onto her body. A shadow cast by the front fender from the unfiltered photo flash makes it look like her body has melted into the hood of the car.

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