Robyn Lawley for Ralph Lauren.

Robyn Lawley is the latest plus-size model to take issue with the fashion industry’s obsession with stick-thin models, but she blames Hollywood for encouraging the stereotype.

Lawley, a native of Australia, is 6’2″ tall and wears what she says is a size 12 dress. While she’s considered “plus-size,” she’s toned and shapely.

She appears in her latest photo spread in swimwear for the Australian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. She also just signed a deal to become Ralph Lauren’s first plus-size model.

Robyn Lawley Sexy in Lingerie

“Robyn totally embodies what a real woman is, and our readers adore her – so I HAD to shoot her for our special swim issue. And what a shoot, she simply oozes sexuality and is the ultimate Cosmo girl,” Fashion Director Nicole Adolphe told radaronline.

“I just don’t get it, that heroin chic look isn’t my cup of tea,” says Lawley. “It isn’t for a lot of people out of the fashion world. That starvation look isn’t for everybody, why not have someone who is a little bit bigger?”

More and more magazine editors seem to agree. Lawley has posed for fashion spreads in French Elle, Vogue Italia and the UK edition of Marie Claire.

In August, she was also signed by UK lingerie designer Boux Avenue to rep the brand in its latest latest campaign.

The fashion industry has been struggling to come to grips with model size. A number of brands have pledged to encourage models to maintain healthy weights. A number of fashion magazine editors has also pledged to support better model health. But Lawley says Hollywood must do the same.

“It is a different world for actors who lose and gain weight for their character like Christian Bale did in ‘The Machinist,’ but unnaturally losing weight if you are a model or a regular person is just ridiculous,” she says.

‘You are putting your life on the line. I would be so miserable if I got told to lose 30 or 40 pounds. I don’t think I could do it.”

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