HalstonWhen I first met Halston, he was already a superstar, the first fashion superstar, if you will. I was a struggling devotee of late-night madness and music in those days.

With Richie Kaczor manning the turntables,  Studio 54 was the place to be and Halston was always the center of a galaxy of stars.

I remember when I first saw him; I didn’t know who he was at first, but there seemed to be a light around him, good lighting even then!

Little by little. as I gained access to his circle. I was introduced and immediately seduced by the magnetism about him.

I actually think that first night when I was introduced, he was sitting with David Geffen, Calvin Klein, Bianca Jagger, Barry Diller and Elton!

Heady times indeed.

As this year’s Tribeca Film Festival wound down, “Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston” debuted on Friday (Apr. 30) night.

I couldn’t be there, but I heard the film was nothing short of spectacular. It was produced and directed by 41-year old screenwriter Whitney Sudler-Smith, the son of socialite Patricia Altschul.

Smith was way too young to have even been present at the scene of the crime, but maybe that is a good thing.

The thing about fashion, is always, seduction; you’re always seduced by it, or should be.

Being somewhat cleared headed and forthright, Smith had no agenda.

Instead, he presents a portrait of the life and times of Roy Halston Frowick, the Iowa-born designer, who as a millner in Chicago in the 1950s, made hats for screen sirens Kim Novak and Deborah Kerr.

Later, in New York, he became close confidantes with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein, Steve Rubell and Liza Minnelli.

His townhouse on 64th and Park was the epicenter of much of the excitement from those halcyon days. He was unlike any other individual I’ve ever met.

He lost control of the Halston name in the 1980s and died from AIDS in 1990. Yet, the Halston-name goes on.

No less than Sarah Jessica Parker has signed on as the new creative muse for the Halston Heritage label.

Everything after Halston was inspired by Halston, no doubt about it.