Kate Upton could soon become one of America’s biggest exports. The blonde bombshell drops in on the German edition of Vogue magazine and explodes in a stunning video to the tune of “It Had to Be You.”

Upton has been touring the world leapfrogging from one Vogue international edition to the next, including American Vogue, Italian Vogue and now the German edition.

American fashion photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber directed the video and partner Nan Bush executive produced. Anne Christensen styled the shoot and Zaiya Latt rode herd on Kate’s glorious blonde locks.

Kate Upton’s Erotic Whimsical Fantasy

The short film puts the 20-year-old model through the paces with a couple of shirtless hunks. They literally take a roll in the hay with Kate and lounge under the sun. Kate has two men on her hands in one scene.

Kate next appears looking like a German Countess strolling on her estate. She’s eyed by another hunky guy with a camera, an obvious voyeur, and before you know it they are strolling together casually dressed. Kate starts posing (how can she resist) an unbuttons the top of her white blouse.

It only gets better from there. The video cuts to the next scene of Kate sprawled on the ground in a strapless feather boa white mini-dress. She cuts another regal figure riding a horse. (Kate is actually a skilled equestrian.)

After that, she hits the pool, and … well. Check out the video below, Kate’s photos above and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest updates on Kate.