Moore-RubjikThe controversy over Demi Moore’s photo on the cover of W magazine has flared anew after another photo surfaced raising questions whether the body in the photo is even Moore’s to begin with.

The brouhaha erupted because Moore’s hip did not align with her leg in cover photo. It appeared to be a clumsy attempt to slim the 47-year-old’s figure. But no sooner had the actress and the magazine denied any substantial changes then another photo surfaced.

Sharp-eyed fashionistas noted a stunning similarity to photos of super-thin Polish model Anja Rubik, wearing the same Balmain corset dress in Paris earlier this year.

Demi Moore's disjointed hip (above) and model Anja Rubik's.

Demi Moore's disjointed hip (above) and model Anja Rubik's.

The neck, collarbone and arms are all but identical to Rubik’s, suggesting that Moore’s head was superimposed on Rubik’s torso, critics claim.

Initial criticism grew so fierce that Moore took to Twitter to deny any extensive photoshopping.

“My hips were not touched… it’s just the way u have ur hip kinda swung to one side… y can noone see this!? Idiots!” she Twittered. “I love the pic and can only say I wish I had good lighting like that following me around all day!!”

Moore conceded, however, that she looked “on the skinny side.”

Anthony Citrano, a Los Angeles photographer and writer, challenged the magazine and Moore to prove the photo is original and offered to donate $5,000 to charity if he is wrong.

Citrano Twittered: “That *cannot* be the original.”

The magazine is considered a fashion industry Bible and it’s heavy-handed use of photoshop to slim Moore’s figure would be a cardinal sin, especially given the industry’s controversy over too-thin models.

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr raised eyebrows recently when she looked “shockingly” thin in a photo shoot.

The controversy over Kerr’s emaciated look came less than a week after the fashion industry was rocked by another scandal over model Filippa Hamilton, 23.

A veteran of dozens of fashion campaigns and magazine covers, Hamilton was allegedly fired by fashion house Ralph Lauren for being too fat. She is 5′10″ tall and weighs 120 pounds, measurements that she says are essentially unchanged since she was 15.

A photoshopped Lauren ad appeared in a Japanese campaign in which she was markedly thinner than her real shape.