miranda-kerr-frontModel Miranda Kerr is quickly becoming one of the most photographed models of the year. She can not only stop hearts with her sultry looks, but she can also keep office workers from their appointed tasks with her photos.

Surprisingly, she caused an uproar in the UK back in October when she appeared to be “shockingly” thin in a UK photo shoot. But judging by Kerr’s latest photos in GQ magazine, she’s filled out her frame a bit and looks sizzling.

Kerr became an Internet sensation — inadvertently — earlier this year, when a stock broker in Sydney, Australia, was caught in the backdrop of a television shot from the trading floor of his company looking at her photos online.

While a colleague addressed the latest market developments, he could be seen perusing online photos of Kerr in lingerie from the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

The video has since logged more than four million views on YouTube. See it below.

Kerr was amused by the episode.

“It was a huge deal,” Kerr, 27, told GQ. “I wasn’t offended. I just felt sorry for the poor guy.”

Fortunately, he got to keep his job.

In the June issue of GQ, Kerr shows off in various lingerie. And, she sends her condolences to the Aussie stock broker.

“I wonder if he’ll get into trouble if we send him this cover?” she says. “We should send him a signed cover!

“He can read the magazine at home instead of at work on the Internet,” she advises.

Kerr caused an uproar back in October when she appeared to be “shockingly” thin in a UK photo shoot.

The controversy over Kerr’s emaciated look followed by less than a week a scandal over model Filippa Hamilton, 23, a veteran of dozens of fashion campaigns and magazine covers, who was fired from a job because she was too heavy.

Kerr, however, insisted her body weight is natural. “I don’t want to be scrutinized for just being me, just like someone overweight doesn’t want to be scrutinized for just being them,” she told the London Daily Telegraph.

Check out Miranda’s photos. Click to supersize.

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