RosieHuntingtonWhiteley-marksspencer-frontRosie Huntington-Whiteley’s latest lingerie ads for Marks & Spencer are so hot they have drawn complaints in Great Britain for being “degrading” and “overtly sexual.” But UK censors, for once, didn’t take the bait.

The “Transformers” movie star was photographed in sexy lingerie poses and the images were used in three outdoor advertisements in London.

But the scantily clad model prompted seven complaints to Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). It regulates the content of advertising, according to London’s Telegraph newspaper.

The complaints cited Rosie’s “partially nude” appearance in the ad’s photos, calling it “overtly sexual, explicit, degrading to women and reinforced sexual stereotypes of women.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Sexy or Degrading?

But apparently when it comes to lingerie, a bit of that is to be expected, according to the censors.

“Because the ads were for lingerie, consumers were less likely to regard the partial nudity shown as gratuitous,” the ASA ruled.

For it’s part the UK department store argued the “Rosie For Autograph” lingerie line was designed by Rosie herself and the ads were meant to appeal to women “as opposed to being designed for the titillation of men.”

Huntington-Whiteley has appeared both nude and semi-nude in countless fashion photo shoots. But apparently seeing her 10-feet-tall on a billboard was unnerving to some ninnies.

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