Bar Refaeli Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial. Beauty and the Beast?

Bar Refaeli Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial. Beauty and the Beast?

Bar Refaeli, one of the world’s hottest models, Leonardo DiCaprio notwithstanding, of course, appears in a totally obnoxious Super Bowl ad for web-hosting company Go Daddy. Geekdom never looked so good, or so bad.

The fetching Israeli model lays a big open-mouth kiss on a sick parody of a “geek.”

She’s supposed to represent sexy, and a heavy-set kid with pasty skin and mop-top hair is supposed to represent smart. “When sexy meets smart, your small business scores,” (get it?) reads long-time Go Daddy rep Danica Patrick.

The commercial is so crass and presumptuous, it defies common sense. Who thinks up these things?

Bar does her part. She wears a cleavage baring hot pink dress that shows off her long legs. So definitely sexy.

Patrick, who’s been repping for Go Daddy for going on seven years looks fetching herself in a black racing jumpsuit unzipped to the middle of her chest.

But the creators should have thought the geek character through a little more. The ad is clearly humiliating to anyone of similar look and stature. The geek is meant to be physically repulsive, of course. As if anyone with a brain must look like that.

Of course, it suggests the converse; that Refaeli is a totally beautiful, therefore, she must be a total airhead, a la “Big Bang Theory.”

Company founder Bob Parsons, calls the commercial “fun, edgy, and a lot inappropriate.”

Refaeli told E! News the commercial was a “chance to be in an iconic Super Bowl spot that not only leaves people talking, but shows everyone what Go Daddy is really about.”

They both got that right. It’s sexist, misogynistic and bullying.

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