Liam Hemsworth plays a tech geek in new film Paranoia. And, yes, he takes off his shirt.

Liam Hemsworth is trying to show he’s more than hunky beefcake in a new trailer for his upcoming film “Paranoia.” But credibility could be a problem. He’s blown off by a woman as the clip opens. How likely is that?

Hemsworth, 23, who may or may not be engaged to Miley Cyrus (but they’re living in the same house?), stars with Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and man-eater (and woman-eater) Amber Heard.

He plays Adam Cassidy, a struggling low-level techie at a major corporation. His only desire is to make enough money to support his destitute father, with whom he lives in Brooklyn.

When a practical joke goes awry, his boss gives him a choice; get fired or work undercover for a rival company as a corporate spy. A cat and mouse game ensues.

Heard, plays Jenna Fletcher, his love interest in the action thriller, directed by Robert Luketic with a screenplay by Barry L. Levy and Jason Dean Hall.

The movie is based on the 2004 New York Times best-seller by Joseph Finder. Hemsworth as a tech geek tends to stretch the imagination. His well-groomed, pretty-boy look would have worked better as a slick talking sales rep.

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