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Avatar 3-D DVD Debuts With Zoe Saldana’s Hot Na’vi Sex

avatar zoe saldana Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington will make 20 seconds of movie history with the debut of the new Avatar 3-D DVD, featuring their hot Na’vi sex scene and other scenes not shown in the theatrical version of the film.

Avatar was strictly PG-13 the whole way when it was shown in theaters. But viewers got a hint of, shall we say, a “bonding scene” between Saldana’s Na’vi princess Neytiri and Worthington’s avatar, Jake.

The scene was brief and merely saw Neytiri settling into her love interest’s embrace face-to-face on his lap.

Saldana revealed shortly after the movie’s premiere that Director James Cameron filmed a sex scene between her and Worthington.

It was cut from the final movie because Cameron wanted to preserve the PG-13 rating, which opened the doors to young teens without parental supervision.

Besides all the usual moving parts, Saldana said love-making among the nine-foot-tall Na’vi involves their braided connecters, which they used to sync to trees and other animals.

“If you sync to your banshee and you’re syncing to a tree, why not sync into a person? I almost feel like you’ll have the most amazing orgasm, I guess,” she said.

“It was a very funny scene to shoot because there were so many technical things that sometimes you have to keep in mind that paying attention to all those might disrupt the fluidity of how a scene is supposed to take place,” she added.

In earlier interviews, Saldana marveled at the physique of her character, noting that her Na’vi also had perky breasts

Cameron told MTV 20 seconds have been added to what he called the “alien kink scene.”

“It’s been restored, every last frame of it. Seriously,” he said. He added that the scene would not change the PG-13 rating for the movie.

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“I would call it more of an alien foreplay scene,” Cameron said. “It’s not like they’re ripping their clothes off and going at it.”

Another added scene “the drums of war,” explains the human decision to drive out the Na’vi which Cameron compares it to America’s decision to invade Iraq.

‘We had to provoke Saddam to do something stupid and it’s like that with the human’s invading Pandora,’ said Cameron.

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