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Leonardo DiCaprio Tackles Greed in New Wolf of Wall St. Trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio delves into Wall Street corruption in his new film.

Leonardo DiCaprio leaps from old-style money and greed in the “Great Gatsby” to new-style money and greed in a new trailer for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” a true story based on a memoir by the same name written by former trader Jordan Belfort. Does greed ever go out of style?

In the film, DiCaprio’s high-flying trader has it all, but it’s never enough. From the super yachts to the super cars he’s what they call a “big swinging dick” on Wall Street.

Even the feds can’t bring him down, well almost. Belfort was known infamously for refusing to cooperate with the FBI on an investigation into Wall Street corruption and Mafia influence.

The cast includes Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Jon Bernthal, Kyle Chandler, Margot Robbie, Cristin Milioti and Jean Dujardin.

Martin Scorsese, a master of the mob film, directed the picture, which was shot entirely in digital, although there won’t be a 3D version.

DiCaprio’s most recent picture was a remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic. He played high-flying bootlegger Jay Gatsby, who becomes filthy rich during the Roaring 1920s and tries to break into high society.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is in post production and it’s expected to hit theaters later this year. Check out the trailer below and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest film updates.

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