lindsay-lohanHot mess actress Lindsay Lohan has been more mess than hot lately, but the 23-year-0ld actress leaves no doubt in her latest photo shoot that she can still turn on the hot.  She steams up a the pages of the Times of London’s Sunday magazine.

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth did the honors, and the Times recently released some outtakes from the shoot. Unwerth posed Lindsay  in a classical setting and captured Lohan’s sultry poses. Her puckered lips are still a little much, but LiLo knows the camera still loves her.

Speaking of love, Lohan apparently has gone back to switch hitting and has been obsessing lately over singer/songwriter John Mayer.

The “Mean Girls” actress sparked speculation she wants a romantic relationship with the “Gravity” singer, and seems to be over lesbian lover Samantha Ronson. LiLo was spotted hanging out at New York’s Butter nightclub on Monday (Nov. 30).

“She would follow his every move. He would dance with the waitresses and then come back. She was way into it. Sam and Lindsay were getting along great, but as friends,” said one eyewitness.

Lindsay and John were said to still be partying together at 3am, though it is unclear if they left together. But after arriving home, Lindsay sent John a message on Twitter, saying: “@johncmayer shhhhhhhhhhhhhh butter-face :). ”

Mayer, who has dated actress Jennifer Aniston, has his own problems. He recently Tweeted:  “I’ve got two women texting me they want to come over. What’s that, Modern Warfare 2? You understand me? Done. Night, ladies!”

Is it possible LiLo is finally turning her life around? Only a few weeks ago, her assistant Jenni Muro, feared the actress was going to kill herself.

In a phone call to Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan, Jenni said: “I am trying to save your daughter’s life every day. She is another mess, she’s no better than she was two years ago and she knows that. If I wasn’t around she would be in grave danger.”

Michael Lohan has claimed his daughter is hooked on prescription drugs and talked about getting a guardianship order to prevent her from harming herself.  But Lohan and other family members, including momager Dina, have brushed off the claims.

Check out these other photos. Click to enlarge.

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